Overcome obstacles, network with peers and stakeholders, and advance your blockchain and DLT projects

The focus this year is on our core four themes, which outline and shape the content over the course of this event:


ACCELERATE: Pre-conference workshops which delve into how you can identify opportunities for blockchain in your organisation and drive potential projects into existence, as well as the impacts on your organisation in terms of culture and process and how to manage this during transformational blockchain projects.

REFLECT: Day one of the meeting will provide a reflection on 2018, the year of getting beyond theory, the development of Proof of Concepts (PoC) and demonstrating viable applications of blockchain. How far did we get with blockchain and what was achieved? What still needs to be done to encourage scalability and wider implementation?

ACT: Day two provides some more future-thinking, forward looking content around blockchain for insurance. After reflecting on where the industry currently stands which sets us up nicely to look at how we galvanise the industry to continue spearheading blockchain initiatives and explore some of the blockers to combat when undertaking these projects.

COLLABORATE: Your post-conference opportunity to collaborate with your peers, share ideas and be creative in this interactive format in which you will be designing your own hypothetical blockchain solution to present to a fictional “board”.

Join us this year as we advance more PoCs towards live blockchains and overcome the common challenges faced across all insurance organisations involved. Going beyond the hype and 101 education, benefit from a gathering of like-minded blockchain adopters and share success stories, failures and walk away with actionable insights and new ideas to help move your blockchain projects to the next stage.

As a senior leader responsible for determining strategy, streamlining operations, delivering efficiency and/or developing new revenue streams, attend this event to advance your adoption plan and keep apace with change and progress.

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