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Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday 21 May, 2018

14.00 - 15.30
Workshop A – Blockchain Fundamentals

Back to Basics – Understanding the Core Principles of the Technology & Its Potential

Cutting through the buzzwords and complex terminology, this workshop will take you through the concepts of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, mining, tokenisation, distributed ledger technology and blockchain. You will gain an understanding of why blockchain delivers trust and transparency and how this can be applied to the insurance sector. The session will also look at key application use cases such as automating transactions, identity tech and smart contracts.

The objective of this session is to bring you up to speed with industry conversations and to start understanding the value of blockchain for your organisation.

Workshop Leader: Chris Madsen, CEO, Aegon Blue Square Re

16.00 - 17.30
Workshop B – Blockchain as a Tool within the Digital Transformation Toolbox

With the insurance industry also looking at AI, IOT and robotic process automation, blockchain is another transformation tool in the move towards a more digital marketplace.

This session will help you understand where blockchain fits with your wider digital transformation projects and which types of problems it can best be used to solve. As with any digital transformation, senior business executives need to identify the problem first and then review how blockchain can help provide a solution. And with no one size fits all approach, businesses must look at this individually and apply strategically. Hear how to best lead blockchain projects for success.

Workshop Leader: John Thompson, Partner, Intelligent Protection Partners

16.00 - 17.30
Workshop C – Developing an Application Strategy for Mid-Tier Insurance Companies

For many mid-tier companies blockchain is lower on the priority list and many have consciously opted for “wait and see”.

Blockchain is all about the network effect and how we all engage with it across the value chain. This session will address what mid-tier companies could be doing now to prepare for blockchain, how to engage with senior management and how to be involved with blockchain with a low level of investment. The session will discuss timelines and strategy – and when “wait and see” will no longer be an option.

Workshop Leader: Ranvir Saggu, CEO, Blocksure

*Attend Workshop A & then choose either Workshop B or C