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Day One
Tuesday 22nd May, 2018

Day Two
Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Regulation, Governance & Technology

Keynote Address – Towards Digital Maturity – Lessons for Blockchain Adoption


ACORD President & CEO Bill Pieroni will share the results of a recent analysis exploring the linkage between digital maturity and financial performance across the global insurance industry. The presentation will highlight key findings and implications from the ACORD study which examined digital maturity versus key financial and operating metrics over a 5-year time period. The study, which includes results from the top 100 carriers worldwide, focuses on the fundamental question of whether or not digital maturity correlates to sustained high performance? Additionally, Bill will review current InsurTech trends, provide a framework to assess the long term viability of various emerging technologies, and discuss how carriers can improve organizational change readiness.

Regulatory challenges for Widening Blockchain Adoption

  • Benoit Abeloos Policy Officer, Startups and Innovation, ICT Standardisation, European Commission


  • The FinTech Action Plan to promote technological innovation in the financial sector
  • What EU blockchain strategy to promote the adoption of the technology?
  • Are regulatory updates actually needed for governing smart contracts?

Q & A

Networking & Refreshments

Practicalities of Creating a Decentralized Insurance Platform


•Reviewing Etherisc Flight Delay – a real insurance business operating on the blockchain
•Establishing as a legal, licensed and regulated insurance app which sells flight delay policies to paying customers
•Generating real revenue from insurance premiums in ETH and fiat through smart contracts
•Shared learnings from the development and first weeks of operation

Reviewing Pilots & Use Cases

Blockchain in Insurance: Use Cases in Action


This session will review 4 use cases with live demonstration of the technology and how it has been
applied to different transaction types. Each session will explore:

• Defining a common business challenge to apply blockchain as a solution
• Securing stakeholder engagement and developing a collaborative approach
• A practical demonstration of the work achieved to date
• Lessons learned in approach, technology infrastructure and implementation
• How to take forwards and develop into a larger scale blockchain model

  1. Developing the First B3i Use Case for Re-Insurance Contracts and Transactions
  2. Developing a Multi-Party Blockchain Use Case in Commercial Insurance
  3. From Small Scale to Mainstream – Managing Auto Claims on the Blockchain
  4. Leveraging Blockchain for Risk Negotiation in Commercial Insurance


Panel Discussion – Making the Technology Work

Beyond Back-End Efficiencies – Leveraging Blockchain for the Future of Insurance


In this session Magda will discuss current R&D initiatives at WTW that look at the medium and long term impact of blockchain on the insurance industry:

  • Enabling new business models – examining opportunities presented by microinsurance and peer to peer insurance
  • Insurability of blockchain models and crypto currencies
  • Automating risk placement – benefits, opportunities, realities?
  • Towards a decentralised model – needed infrastructure, practicalities and what next


Unlocking the Potential for Blockchain in Emerging Markets

  • Susan Holliday Principal Industry Specialist Insurance, International Finance Corporation
  • Daniel Wilcox Private Sector Development Adviser, Department for International Development


  • Assessing which problems blockchain can help solve, and which it can’t
  • Reviewing anticipated uptake and increase in activity for emerging markets
  • From health to parametric insurance: Identifying opportunities to re-invent your insurance proposition
  • Enabling cost-efficient product offerings for emerging markets

Networking & Refreshments

Panel Discussion – Engaging Your Business in a Marketplace Model – Culture & Change Management


• How to build momentum around the vision for a new economic structure
• Gaining board buy-in and business sponsors: what do you need to ask of your management?
• Structuring the business for change and enabling cross-division, multi-stakeholder technology innovation
• Who will lead and execute the change – is there a need for an ecosystem leader?
• Are Tech Innovation groups the answer to bring blockchain into the business?

Roundtables – Practical Application Discussions: Developing Your Personal Action Plan


From what you’ve heard over the 2 conference days, what actions will you take forwards in relation to your role within the insurance value chain or specific insurance line?

Chair Closing Remarks

Conference Close