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Day One
Tuesday 22nd May, 2018

Day Two
Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Opening Keynote Address – Moving Towards a Decentralised Digital Marketplace


• Enabling new ways to conduct transactions between organisations on a transparent platform
• How much can blockchain save in back-office costs and what can it deliver?
• How a trust and efficiency engine like blockchain technology has the potential to drive radical change in the insurance industry
• Improving transparency and outcomes across the entire value chain
• Overcoming the disincentives in the system to embrace blockchain

Building the Business Case for Blockchain Investment

  • Lee Brenner Chief Partnerships Officer, Global Blockchain Business Council


• Why blockchain and why now?
• Reviewing the adoption of blockchain across the wider business community
• Understanding how business leaders are engaging with blockchain for success – a strategic lever not a technology project
• Making the case for initial capital investment vs potential to reduce transaction costs

Q & A

Speed Networking & Refreshments


Blockchain is a collaborative technology and can’t be implemented in isolation. With this in mind, this Speed Networking session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face with other blockchain enthusiasts across the insurance value chain. Specifically designed to connect you with many new contacts, take this opportunity to share learning, strategies and insight, as well as enhance your connections within the blockchain community.

Strategic Approach

The Story So Far – How the B3i Consortium is Moving the Industry Forwards in Blockchain Application


• How B3i started and how the consortium has evolved
• What first steps did the consortium take and where are we now?
• Reviewing work around use cases: the challenges faced and the value derived to date
• What is next for the consortium model?

Developing Insurance Solutions Using Blockchain

Panel Discussion – Leveraging Blockchain Across the Insurance Value Chain: Creating Your Strategy


• Developing an organisation mission and strategic plan to optimise opportunity
• Exploring opportunities for blockchain as tool for efficiency savings and new ways of working across Re-insurance, Commercial, Specialty and Life Insurance
• Should there be prioritisation and order to how blockchain pilot projects are approached?
• Examining business processes and transactions that can be automated with a blockchain solution – and which cannot
• Beyond B2B and looking at consumer insurance opportunities
• Shared thinking about new business models and new revenue streams through blockchain


Going Solo – Initiating a Blockchain Collaboration & Developing a Use Case


• Identifying a problem and exploring blockchain as a potential solution
• Building the business case for internal sign off
• Engaging wider stakeholders to embark on the project
• Reviewing the approach to vendor and partner selection
• Examining results, lessons learned, what next for scalability?

Panel Discussion – Consortium vs Independent? Reviewing Approaches to Blockchain Collaboration


• To what extent is a consortium approach essential to driving forwards blockchain adoption at scale?
• What value do single, independently-led projects have in the long term?
• Exploring the vision for blockchain infrastructure in the future
• How will consortiums evolve and develop to broaden the extent of blockchain projects?
• Reviewing the pros and cons of joining a consortium vs independent innovation

Networking & Refreshments

Why Collaboration is Key – Reviewing the London Target Operating Model (TOM)


• Why do collaborative projects often fail?
• How to seek engagement and common ground to initiate a successful project
• Developing a state of readiness across the stakeholder group
• What have the TOM group achieved to date in creating a blockchain use case related to claims-ledgers?

Blockchain – From Bricks to Castles: An Enterprise Approach


• Importance of Consortiums
• Blockchain to Blockchains: Build Once, Use Many
• Why Interoperability Matters
• Enterprise Scalability
• Security/Audit/Compliance for the Enterprise

Roundtables – Practical Application Discussions: Moving the Conversation Forwards


How can you start to think about blockchain opportunities for the front-office and back-office transactions within your organisation?

Close of Day One